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Thursday 30 November, 2017

Toynbee Mackenzie ENT Room
Royal Society of Medicine, London

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Past Meetings

Please find the abstracts from our past meetings below

Abstracts - December 3rd 2015
Daniel Edwards, Amir Farboud The Friars and their Balsam
Ahmad Hariri Goats, Throats and the Father of Experimental Surgery
Emma Hoskison Gulliver’s vertigo
Joseph Sinnott Parathyroid Gland Discovery. From Indian Rhinoceros to Otolaryngologist
Robbie Woods, Conrad Timon ENT and Irish Independence – a View from Both Sides
Ahmad Saif, Amir Farboud The birth of a new speciality: When rhinology, otology and laryngology collide
Ermis Vogazianos, Andrew Lale Castellani The man behind the paint
Katherine Conroy, Maha Khan Freud and the Turbinectomy
Panagiotis Dimitriadis, Matthew R. B. Farr The "Radium Girls"
Yasmine Kamhieh, Hannah Fox Robert Bárány
Gabrielle Prud’homme Samuel Rosen: The Accidental father of Modern Stapes Surgery
Gerald Brookes, Marjorie Lorch, Renata Whurr A Historical Analysis of the Original Descriptions of Spasmodic Dysphonia (Laryngeal Dystonia)
Abstracts - December 4th 2014
Paul Finn Bernard Halpern: pioneer in the development of antihistamines
Rebecca Dawson Valsava: Beyond the Manoeuvre
Asil Tahir The evolution of Laser in Laryngology
Emma Hoskison, Nicola Wooles Scarface War: Reparations of WW1-an alternative legacy
Jonathan M Fishman ENT-lightenment: How Light Technology has shaped the Speciality
Ray Clark Otolaryngology and the Titanic
Matthew Rollin From Bell to Bluetooth via Churchill and the Cleaner’s Cupboard: the surprising history of speech coding
Emma Stapleton Arthur Logan Turner: Surgeon, author, historian
Philippe F. D. Bowles The great satirist’s final irony
George Greenlees The Astronomer’s Nose: Tycho Brahe’s controversial prosthesis
Mo Bajalan Emil Theodor Kocher (1841-1917) – Not another theodor!
Sarah Healy A Parotid Tumour , a Snail and a Stain For Syphilis
Abstracts - December 6th 2012
Christopher Theokli The Fuhrer, the Duke and the Otologist
Stephanie Hili George Washington Crile: A dissection of the not well known
Elza Tjio The Birth of Otoscopy
Robynne Wong The History of Laryngoscopy
Matthew Farr Allograft tympanoplasty: The Development, Decline and Future
Emma Hoskison Georg Von Békésy: Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ear
Billy Wong Rhinoplasty: The Advent of Plastic Surgery
Dan Leopard Ludwig’s Angina
Laura Prichard Changes Surrounding the Development of The Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear hospital
Mamoona Khalid-Raja Otosclerosis and the History of Stapes Surgery
Jackline Johnson-Idan Sir Henry Butlin Founding Father of Laryngology
Sharinie Yapa Gustav Alexander: The perils of Being a Surgeon
Simon Prowse Friedrich Wegener: An Eponym on Trial
Abstracts - December 1st 2011
Graham Smelt Wellington’s deafness
Matthew Farr Mr Wilde's method of applying caustic
Kavit Amin Sir Charles Bell
Kenneth Wu The flexible fibreoptic endoscope – A revolution in imaging
Julia Addams-Williams The history of the Tullio phenomenon
Corduta Newman Oliver St John Gogarty - a portrait of the ENT surgeon as Ulysses
Jason Fleming Analysis of the developments in, and responses to facial plastic surgery in the 19th century

Landmark Works

Practical Observations on Aural Surgery
William Wilde, 1853

Diseases of the Ear
Adam Politzer, 1894

The Diseases of the Ear: Their Nature, Diagnosis and Treatment
Joseph Toynbee, 1860