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Thursday 30 November, 2017

Toynbee Mackenzie ENT Room
Royal Society of Medicine, London

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Sir Morell Mackenzie

The origins of the British Society for the History of ENT can be dated back to 1981, when the first meeting of the British section of the European Society for the Study of History of Otorhinolaryngology was held at the Birmingham and Midland Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Please visit our society history page to read more.

Full membership of the society is extended to all ear, nose and throat consultants and trainees, as well as other members of the medical profession with an interest in the history of otolaryngology.

News and Notices
04/12/2015 Congratulations to the winners of this year's Registrar Prize: Katherine Conroy with 'Freud and the Turbinectomy', Robbie Woods with 'ENT and Irish Independence - a View from Both Sides' and Daniel Edwards with 'The Friars and their Balsam'
23/06/2015 We are pleased to announce the programme for our meeting at BACO on Wednesday 8th July:
The Master, Mr Ian Mackay : 'Historical aspects of rhinoplasty'
Mr David Moffat : Historical aspects of skull base surgery
Mr Mathew Rollin : From Bell to Bluetooth via Churchill and the Cleaner's Cupboard: the surprising history of Speech Coding
Mr Paul Finn : Bernard Halpern : a pioneer in the development of antihistamines
05/02/2015 The International Society of History of Otolaryngology are holding their 9th working group meeting on September 10th-12th 2015 in Heidelburg, Germany. For more information please contact Roman Sokiranski: Sokiranski@gmx.net
04/12/2014 This year's JLO subscription Prize goes to Matthew Rollins for his excellent paper "From Bell to Bluetooth via Churchill and the Cleaner`s Cupboard: the surprising history of speech coding". Abstracts from this event are soon to appear under the past meetings section.
06/12/2012 Congratulations to Simon Prowse for winning the Registrar Prize for his presentation Friedrich Wegener An eponym on trial

Landmark Works

Practical Observations on Aural Surgery
William Wilde, 1853

Diseases of the Ear
Adam Politzer, 1894

The Diseases of the Ear: Their Nature, Diagnosis and Treatment
Joseph Toynbee, 1860